Are stickers on fruit edible?

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Plu stickers stand for price look-up stickers and you can find a lot of them stickered onto fresh items like fruits and most vegetables. A plu sticker is generally manufactured from many safe materials. However, in recent years, the news is roaming that these stickers are edible that is creating a lot of confusion.

Therefore, today we will talk more about the plu stickers and if they are edible or not, and what are the reasons for either of those.

Are stickers on fruit edible?

Regardless of whether you are vegan and love to be an all-plant eater then it is obvious that you might have eaten the plu sticker on a fruit or vegetable once in your lifetime by mistake. Such accidents might happen while you are chopping up your favorite veggies or while eating a banana you can forget to take that little hideous barcode sticker off. 

Due to such mistakes, the majority of people worry if they can get sick or think about are stickers on fruit edible? Therefore, to clear such concepts we first need to know how these stickers are manufactured. Generally, a price looks up sticker is made from 4 common materials that are as follows.

  • Paper price look-up stickers.
  • Plastic film price look-up stickers.
  • Ink price look-up stickers. 
  • Vinyl price look-up stickers.

The above-mentioned are the materials that are often used in the manufacturing of the plu stickers. Now, it is quite obvious that plastic, vinyl, and paper cannot be good for eating and the environment as well. Especially, plastic and vinyl are considered to be more harmful to humans and the environment as well. These materials are edible which means they can be swallowed down but that does not make them good for ingesting.

Whereas, paper being less harmful to humans and for the environment is edible too and it can be recycled unlikely to a plastic film or vinyl plu stickers. Different studies explain how and why these barcode stickers are edible or not and what are the reasons behind them, however, the main thing to keep in your mind is that these stickers can be bad for you if ingested more often.

Therefore, it is preferred that instead of finding out ways to recycle or reuse these stickers on fruits and vegetables it is better to discard them off. Also, it is important to remember that these barcode stickers should be discarded properly in a paper garbage bag to reduce the chances of land, water, and air pollution.

Is plu sticker on fruits ecological?

A plu sticker is often manufactured from plastic and hence it concludes the following points.

  • They are non-biodegradable.
  • They cannot be eaten.
  • They can be harmful.
  • They cannot be reused or recycled.
  • They do not decay away even after years.


If you are searching whether stickers on fruit are edible or not and the reasons behind it then do not miss out on reading the mentioned information.