Biodegradable eco friendly PLU logo stickers

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Our paper PLU logo stickers are more eco friendly and biodegradable than plastic stickers

Most of the large producers use high speed machines and use plastic PLU stickers which are not good for the environment and take forever to break down. Our labels are made from paper and will biodegrade faster than plastic. We also use FDA approved direct food contact adhesive for all fruits and vegetable PLU stickers. But there are exceptions, for example watermelons, cantaloupe, honeydew melon and similar types of produce can use a standard adhesive since the skin is not consumed. Most of our melon customers still use the FDA approved direct food contact adhesive since there is not a big difference in price.

How can you tell if a PLU sticker is paper or plastic?

Very good question, and there is a very easy way to tell. If you can easily rip the label with your fingers than it is a paper label. When you try to rip a plastic label it just stretches and won’t rip easily.

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