Why order PLU stickers from a reliable manufacturer

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A PLU sticker is a little detail attached to the fruit that you may think is not important at all to have. However, when you take a look at using these stickers you will know how important these are. We have had buyers ask “why order plu stickers from a reliable manufacturer”, answer: to ensure quality and timing. Most farmers wait until the last minute to order plu stickers, so quality and timing is the most important factors.

Many people do not know how to order custom PLU stickers and where to order them. So, here we will get you through everything you need to know.

The following are some of the reasons why you should order your PLU stickers from a reliable manufacturer.

  1. Reliable manufacturers provide the right price

The most important thing for any business is to save money by all means. That too while providing the right quality. Getting the PLU stickers may seem to disturb your budget a little. However, when you select a reliable and trusted manufacturer you get the best price. In this way, you open doors for a lot of savings.

  1. You can get customization options from reliable manufacturers

The PLU sticker is a little detailed but when you get the customized ones, they can help a lot in branding and other things for your business. However, the issue is that most sticker providers have one template, and that same sticker is used for every order.

Ordering from the right manufacturer provides you with options for customization. So, if you are also thinking about how to order custom PLU stickers then you need to go for the right manufacturer first.

  1. The usage of the right type of ink and glue is necessary

A PLU sticker can be made with toxic ingredients like:

  • Printing ink
  • Adhering glue

They will not only make the experience worse for the customers. They will also disturb your business. So, instead of little money-saving tactics, the good manufacturers will ensure that they provide you the best value by using all the right ingredients.

  1. Reliable manufacturers pay attention to the material they use

If the PLY stickers are made with plastic or they have some amount of plastic in them they will be very bad for the environment. Although it is a small label that goes on the fruit, think of its effects when it goes on the earth in bulk. So, the good manufacturers will always pay attention to using paper as it is de-composable.

  1. Reliable manufacturers ensure that the PLU stickers are made according to the official approvals

There are some regulatory organizations like the FDA that approve a product for direct food contact or not. The reliable sticker manufacturer will ensure that their product is made all according to the FDA approval.


There are a lot of things like delivery time, product quality, and several others which you cannot ignore when you are running a business. Selecting a reliable sticker manufacturer will not only resolve all such issues. They will also amazingly assist you if you are searching for how to order custom PLU stickers. Struggling to find the right reliable manufacturer? American Price Mark is your best choice so feel free to reach out.