Plu barcode stickers

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PLU barcode stickers are becoming more common

With many retailers moving towards self check out because the shortage in the workforce and other reasons, more and more growers and manufacturers have the need to label their produce and products with labels that have a barcode on sticker or the packaging. Plu barcode stickers can ensure the proper produce is being scanned at checkout.

GS1/GTIN barcodes are becoming the norm for fruits and vegetables

We have the capability to help you register for your GS1 designation and then hel you generate the rest of the barcode in a format to be uploaded into the Databar barcode system most of the large retailers pull their plu information from. Retailers like Wholefoods, Krogers, and Walmart require a GS1/GTIN barcode on a majority of their produce.

Please contact us if you have any questions about GS1 designations or GTIN barcodes.