Top 3 PLU barcode sticker designs

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PLU or Price lookup codes are stickers attached on almost all fruits and vegetables. Price lookup codes are of different types, for example, 3-digit, 4-digit, and 5-digit PLUs. Different PLU codes represent different types of fresh produce. Similarly, there are numerous PLU sticker designs in the market. Some are too creative and aesthetically pleasing, which immediately catches the customer’s attention.

If you sell your fresh produce in the market, you can get customized PLU barcode sticker designs to make it more engaging, deliver your message about your product to the audience, and attract more customers.

Top 3 PLU barcode sticker designs you need to know about

Below-specified are the top 3 PLU sticker designs you can incorporate in your fresh produce. 

Emoji-based PLU stickers designs

One of the most popular PLU barcode stickers designs that you can create and put on your fresh produce is emoji-based designs. For example, you can get numerous customized emojis like:

  • Smiling face,
  • Face savoring food emoji, and 
  • Drooling emoji, and more. 

All these emoji-based PLU sticker designs are a fun way to tell the consumers that your fresh produce is delicious and worth the try. Moreover, customers in the fresh produce section after seeing emoji-based PLU stickers designs will appreciate your creativity, and as a result, this will send a positive message about your brand.

In addition, kids love emojis, so putting emoji stickers on your fresh produce will also attract a younger audience in the fresh produce section. 

As a result, there is a high probability that those kids’ parents would buy your fresh produce, as who does not want to see a smile on their kids’ faces.

Scenery-based PLU stickers designs

Another best PLU sticker design that you can get is the scenery-based PLU barcode stickers. For example, you can attach a picture of some lush green landscape or a valley. Putting pictures of nature scenery makes consumers think that your product is pure and fresh. You can also put down a label like 100% farm-fresh with these stickers designs as this will persuade the customers more to buy your fresh produce. 

Illustrative designs

Another popular PLU sticker design that you can choose for your fresh produce is stickers with illustrative designs. There is a reason why many people go for illustrative logos for their brands and startups. And that is, they are mesmerizing and look aesthetically pleasing. Exemplifying designs and drawings help deliver a message to your audience in the most subtle way. When going for these PLU sticker designs, we would like to tell you that keep the design simple and choose the color in contrast with your fresh produce.

For example, if your fresh produce is mango, go for darker colors, such as black, and brown in your exemplifying design. You can also choose brighter colors, but make sure it looks decent on your fresh produce. 


These are some of the most popular PLU barcode stickers designs that you can choose and put on your fresh produce. Be more creative if you want to have a unique and hypnotic PLU barcode sticker design.