Tips to decode Plu stickers

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If you are a skilled grocery store owner or worker then you might have seen those little stickers over several fruits and vegetables. These stickers might seem irritating or make can make the appearance of fresh fruits and vegetables dull. However, these stickers are very important and are known as price lookup stickers. 

The price looks up stickers are used for knowing more information about the fruit or vegetable or how fresh they are and what is their price. Therefore, the majority of the grocery store owners tend to search for ways to how to order PLU stickers and tips to decode plu stickers.

Therefore, today we will talk more about the ways and tips on decoding plu stickers.

How to decode plu stickers from fruits and vegetables?

There are several tips on how to decode the plu number or barcode stickers. But the basic and highlighted ones are mentioned below.

  • Use paper towels using 

paper towels for decoding the fruit stickers can be a good way of doing so without applying a lot of pressure on fruit that might aid in spoiling it. Make sure to clean your paper towel before you use it on your edible grocery.

  • Use hydrogen peroxide 

Using hydrogen peroxide can be an excellent agent for removing the plu stickers and their residues from your fruits and vegetables. It is known to clean off the items shiny and can rub away large sticker spots as well within a few minutes.

  • Use rubbing alcohol

There are several uses of rubbing alcohol and among those uses, it also includes removing off the fruit barcode stickers. Using rubbing alcohol as your agent for the removal of plu stickers can do the job efficiently and make your fruit and vegetables appear smooth and shiny.

  • Use cooking oil

Cooking oil is also an excellent way to remove the sticker residues from your groceries. It is much safe as compared to other ways and is edible too. Hence, it cannot harm you in any possible way. For using cooking oil, you can take a tissue paper or paper towel for the application of cooking oil.

Once, you are done with using oil make sure to pat your item dry to give it a clean and non-greasy end finish to it.

  • Use adhesive remover

The other tip to decode plu sticker is to use any good quality adhesive remover agent. There are many adhesive removers available in the market from which you can select the preferred ones. Whereas, make sure to buy and use those adhesive removers which are safe for use on edible items and have no adverse side effects. 

  • Use water 

Water can be also used to remove off a price lookup sticker from your fruits and vegetables. Therefore, before trying out anything try the safest way of decoding plu stickers by using water that is safe for trying out on edible things.

If you are searching up for how to order PLU stickers then do read the mentioned information.