PLU Sticker Machine

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Best PLU sticker machine label applicator in the USA

Our PLU-1000 is the most popular automatic electric label applicator among most farmers, packers, Amazon FBA business owners, and anyone that needs to apply labels at a fast rate of speed. The PLU-1000 automatic plu sticker machine accepts labels up to 1 1/8″ wide x 2 1/2″ long and dramatically increases your labeling speed without spending a ton of money adding expensive Sinclair high speed packing line labeling heads.

Where can you buy a PLU-1000 handheld automatic high-speed label applicators?

Our parent website sells them on the website here: PLU-1000 order page. With most retailers requiring barcodes and PLU labels on most products so they can be easily scanned during the self checkout process.

Here is a video of the PLU-1000 automatic handheld high-speed plu sticker machine: