Golden Delicious plu sticker

Golden Delicious 4136 apple plu stickers for sale

Golden Delicious plu sticker

Golden Delicious apple plu stickers are made with paper and finished with a varnish top coat to keep the inks from smearing. The pink line is the edge of the label the rest of the orange color outside the border is the bleed needed when printing the labels, so when the cutter dies comes down to cut the label, if its out of position slightly the cutter die will still cut through the orange part of the sticker.

All our labels can be custom formatted to suit your needs. With our in-house design team we can modify the artwork within 24 hours to put any infromation you may need on the plu sticker.

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Label size: 0.62″ x 0.81″

Shape: oval

Core size: 1″ or 3″

Adhesive: FDA approved direct food contact


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