McIntosh 4019 apple plu stickers are made with paper which is more eco friendly than plastic stickers, and finished with a varnish top coat to keep the inks from smearing. All our produce label stickers have FDA approved direct food contact adhesive for food safety.

All our labels can be custom formatted to suit your needs. With our in-house design team we can modify the artwork within 24 hours to put any information you may need on the plu sticker.

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Label size: 0.62″ x 0.81″

Shape: oval

Core size: 1″ & 3″

Adhesive: FDA approved direct food contact


Do you need to speed up your labeling process? Check this out:

For more info and to order the PLU-1000 electric automatic sticker machine CLICK HERE.



McIntosh PLU labels

Review from Eric at

The growers that we sent the labels too were very happy with the quality and the grower I ordered the plu gun for was extremely pleased with how well it works and said he will be buying another one at some point. It was a pleasure working with you, your now set as a vendor for us, we will be using you and your company more I’m sure of that and I will stay in touch.

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