How PLU stickers are made?

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As the world is now moving towards new technology and advanced methods the use of plu stickers is now common as well. Plu stickers are known to be the ideal way for identifying the price and more details about the item. These stickers are quite common in retail stores and supermarkets and you will often find them stuck on most of the items especially, fruits and vegetables. Keep reading to understand how plu stickers are made.

However, the majority of people wonder that if these stickers are harmful to them or not and out of what these stickers are manufactured from. Therefore, today we will discuss more how plu stickers are made.

There are many rumors about how bad or dangerous a plu sticker can be and hence most of the customers avoid buying plu stickers for sale that can be beneficial for them. However, the rumors about the plu barcode stickers being harmful or made from dangerous materials are neither true nor false but it is recommended to remove them while you are eating or cooking a fruit or vegetable that has a plu sticker on it.

For the manufacturing of these stickers, different materials are used, some of the common materials used for the production of barcode stickers are specified below.

  • Plastic plu stickers

Usually, the plu stickers that are used on fruits and vegetables are manufactured from plastic. The use of plastic is nowadays considered to be harmful to human beings and for animals as well especially for the species present in the ocean. That is why the majority of the companies are now finding an alternative way of producing barcode stickers instead of using plastic.

Furthermore, the stickers that are made out of plastic are not edible hence, it is advised to remove them while eating a fruit or vegetable so that it does not harm you in any way.

  • Vinyl plu stickers 

Another way from which you might find a plu sticker manufactured is vinyl material. Oftentimes, several companies use vinyl as their major source for the production of these fruit and vegetable stickers. 

The vinyl barcode stickers can be harmful to the environment and cause land pollution and water pollution. The vinyl plu stickers can be crumbled very easily and hence have the property to flow into the air. Additionally, the vinyl sticker cannot be recycled and are not composable.

  • Paper plu stickers

The paper plu stickers are known to be reasonable and safe for the environment as well. Paper used in the manufacturing of these stickers makes them easy to recycle and harmful as well. According to the FDA and many other organizations, it is believed that the paper barcode stickers are safe.

But safe does not mean edible hence you still need to take care to not ingest it while cooking. Whereas, it is considered an ideal material for the production of plu stickers as compared to plastic and vinyl.


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